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Frequently asked questions

No, the membership cost is payable in full.

However, you pay back the cost of any PCN claimed in monthly instalments once you are a member.

Having this membership will ensure that any ticket you receive is paid immediately by We pay your PCN, so that no added costs are ever incurred.

You are also given the option to pay the cost of your PCN in monthly instalments.

Yes, it would be if you had the money and the time. The truth is as a member we will appeal your PCN as it is highly likely that we would win and save you, your money.  

Most motorists do not budget for parking and traffic contravention fines, therefore, they are often left out of pocket.

Also your annual membership entitles you to multiple PCN appeals cover and claims.

We pay your PCN believes in taking a preventative approach rather than being reactive by supporting motorists.

You certainly can, however, we will only manage the appeals for your historic PCN’s and not pay them. 

We Pay Your PCN only pay PCN’s that are issued starting on the day after your membership date commences.

Yes. We understand that circumstances change and occasionally you may need to freeze or cancel your membership.

That’s absolutely fine if you cancel within 14 days of signing up any money received will be refunded back to you.

We pay your PCN currently manage Penalty charge notices issued by the local authorities, TFL and Private parking companies.

From notice to owner to Bailiff stage we are here to help.

If you are lucky enough NOT to have received a ticket before your membership expires then you can either choose to not renew your membership or continue your membership.

Yes, we currently have a one-off appeals service and a 12 month appeals only membership plan (this does not include PCN protection).

Please see the Appeals section of the website for more information.

If you need to speak with a dedicated team member you can always send us a message on WhatsApp helpline. The helpline is available from 11am – 11pm 7 days a week and we are happy to offer you a FREE consultation.

07340 002 886

Please check out our latest posts at the bottom of the page as there will also be useful information related to penalty charge notices, updated regularly.

We pay your PCN operate a membership service to help Motorists pay off their TFL & Council issued Penalty fines!

By becoming a member, if you receive a parking or road traffic contravention fine WE PAY YOUR PCN take away the stress, hassle, and any financial hardship that you may face by ensuring that the fine is paid immediately on your behalf. 

You will have the option to pay off your PCN in low monthly instalments until it is completely paid off.

Ensuring you never incur additional penalty charges, that often run into £100’s if not £1000’s.

Penalty charge notices covered include red route, red and yellow box, Parking, Newly restricted road access, ULEZ, and Congestion charge fines. 


Please be advised that the membership package includes a limit on the number of appeal claims that can be made within a certain period. This is specified within the terms and conditions.       




Recommended By Specialist Motoring Law Barrister Crighton Chambers

We Pay your PCN is recommended by Ann Crighton Chambers specialist Motoring Law Barrister. 

If you have received a FIXED penalty charge notice or need advice and guidance related to a motoring offence such as speeding, drink driving then contact Ann today.